The Alliance for Integrated Medication Management (AIMM) is a non-profit organization working to support wide-spread adoption of team-based medication management services into the care of high-risk, high-cost patients suffering from multiple chronic health conditions.

AIMM fosters community partnerships to establish health care delivery systems specifically for patients with multiple chronic conditions who need help with adherence and monitoring of their medication regimens. Teams of health care professionals integrate clinical pharmacy services with primary care services in order to best support patients and providers with coordinating medication use and achieving desired clinical parameters, such as lower blood pressures and target A1C levels.


“Joining AIMM kept us in action. We were able to integrate clinical pharmacy services and document that our improvements resulted in increased medication safety and effectiveness in areas of poly-pharmacy, transitions of care, diabetes care, and so much more!”

—Community Health Center, California


AIMM offers a unique collaborative experience for health care organizations, focusing on three core sets of values that enable participants to leverage their current work to lower healthcare costs and improve patient outcomes for high-risk patients:

Organizational Experience and Education


Transformational Leadership


Collaboration and Interaction


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AIMM Leadership Blog

How conveners lead regional change in healthcare (9/5/2023) - Discover how conveners drive transformative healthcare change at the regional level with AIMM. Learn how stakeholders like payers, providers, and patient advocates unite under a convener's leadership to enhance medication-coordinated care services. Explore real-world examples showcasing AIMM's strategic process and impactful results in healthcare community development.

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