Board of Directors

Liz Helms
2018-19 Treasurer, AIMM Board of Directors
President and CEO of the California Chronic Care Coalition

Liz Helms is the President and CEO of the California Chronic Care Coalition, an alliance of non-profit, social consumer and provider organizations united to improve the health of Californians with chronic conditions or diseases. She has been a leader within the patient’s rights movement since her recovery from Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) in the mid-1990s. Her vision, breadth of knowledge and unwavering commitment to coalition building, grassroots advocacy, strategic planning and policy development has earned her immense recognition and respect throughout the state of California and nationally. She leads the National Stakeholders Specialty Medication Collaboratory, working to ensure access to affordable medications and advocates for the enforcement of anti-discrimination laws in the ACA. Liz was instrumental in bringing the clinical pharmacist on the care team to the Right Care Initiative which won her the Michelotti Public Health Prize from the CA Pharmacy Foundation. She has authored a newly released book: “Healthcare Unhinged: The Making of an Advocate.”