What is AIMMc?

AIMM Collaborative (AIMMc) is a national learning network that encourages health care organizations to support optimal medication use by building integrated delivery systems that include not only medication reconciliation and disease state management, but evolve to “whole patient” comprehensive medication management services.

Participating health care organizations are encouraged to disrupt and innovate delivery care systems for their populations of high risk, high cost, medically complex patients.  AIMM’s action learning collaborative enables health care organization to strategically plan, facilitate practice changes and develop business models in a disciplined and accelerated pace to target their patient population, and spread and scale up services within their community.  AIMM’s primary role is to facilitate organizational learning through:

  • Transformational Leadership
  • Experience and Education
  • Collaboration and Interaction

When organizations join AIMM, they will be introduced to the model framework and instructed on how to build an effective internal team, and what type of community partnerships to include for additional value.

Teams will being with the Initial Collaborative and establish the capability to get results quickly for a manageable population of high-risk patients.  Once teams have advanced through initial development, they will join the Advanced Collaborative to bring their successes to scale, spread to a larger

patient population and develop innovative payment models for service.