AIMM brings more than eight years of experience administering learning collaboratives and technical assistance in the quality improvement process and transformational leadership experience.  AIMM began with the Patient Safety and Clinical Pharmacy Services Collaborative, a national movement created in 2008 that promoted the integration of enhanced medication management activities into the work of inter-professional health care teams. It was supported by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) and later by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). AIMM was formed in 2010 as national pharmacy organizations assumed stewardship of the collaborative.

Over the past nine years the original collaborative and AIMM’s subsequent work has developed and advanced the service delivery technology for medication management in a practical and empirical way. Participating teams helped evolve methods and practices that are transferable. They include the following essential elements:

  • Population health management strategies using populations of focus;
  • Development of service protocols and agreements that standardize medication management;
  • Innovative measurement programs to show improved clinical outcomes, track; medication management services and manage “medication related problems.”
  • Introduction of patient activation methods;
  • Coordination with services to address social determinants of health;
  • Use of medication management to assure effective care transitions;
  • Developing the value propositions and business cases for medication management.

At the same time significant work has been done in defining and developing the essential features of “comprehensive medication management.” This information is in documents such as,  “The Patient Centered Medical Home: Integrating Comprehensive Medication Management to Optimize Patient Outcomes” and “Get the Medications Right: a nationwide snapshot of expert practices.”

All of this experience over nine years demonstrated that medication management can be an essential feature of services for high risk patients with chronic conditions. Today it is commonly held that medication management is an important tool in achieving triple aim results — better care, better clinical outcomes, lower costs.

AIMM is excited to announce it is partnering with Apexus, the HRSA-designated Prime Vendor for the 340B Drug Pricing Program, and ASHP (American Society of Health-System Pharmacists) to offer the 2017/2018 National A3 Collaborative, a year-long learning experience to help health care providers succeed in the new era of value-based payment programs.  Participants in the 2017/2018 A3 Collaborative will have streamlined access to AIMM’s body of knowledge and expertise.

As a member of the A3 Collaborative, organizations will participate in a 12-month transformational experience that will establish a new strategic capability. An implementation team will be formed by each organization to rapidly put in place a working medication management program, or to focus on accelerating the scale and spread of one already in place.

Learn how you can be part of this exciting transformational experience.

Todd Sorensen, PharmD, FAPhA
Executive Director, AIMM