Board of Directors

Mary Kay Owens, RPh
President, AIMM Board of Directors
Executive Director, Institute for Health Care Innovation Strategies

Mary Kay Owens is the Executive Director of the Institute for Healthcare Innovation Strategies and president of Southeastern Consultants, Inc.  Mary Kay has over 20 years of experience providing consultation services to a variety of public and private entities on issues such as care coordination assessment, HIT, Medicaid/Medicare program operations, policy and reimbursement, appropriate medication use, utilization management, auditing methods and fraud detection.

“I joined AIMM’s board to facilitate the implementation of comprehensive medication management; improve care coordination and patient outcomes; and create cost efficiencies in the health care system by reducing avoidable events.”

Mary Kay Owens RPh, CPh
Executive Director, Institute for Healthcare Innovation Strategies
President and CEO, Intelligent Health Analytics and Southeastern Consultants, Inc.