How conveners lead regional change in healthcare

Discover how conveners drive transformative healthcare change at the regional level with AIMM. Learn how stakeholders like payers, providers, and patient advocates unite under a convener’s leadership to enhance medication-coordinated care services. Explore real-world examples showcasing AIMM’s strategic process and impactful results in healthcare community development.

A3 Collaborative Learnings Accelerated Our Pharmacists’ Roles in Patient Care

The A3 Collaborative offered a solid foundation for learning how to implement processes with quality improvement metrics to measure and communicate outcomes. With an emphasis on integrating Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM) services into care delivery, it guided us on principles to incorporate into our practice as well as the means to elevate the pharmacist’s role within the health care team.

Pharmacists Faced with a Crisis Find Opportunities to Enhance Patient Care

The fourteen participating health care organizations in this recent A3 Collaborative are a representation of how the pharmacy community across the country stood up and responded to the COVID pandemic. Instead of shrinking back from responsibilities when the crisis hit, pharmacy, represented in health systems, communities, federally qualified health centers, critical access hospitals, and professional organizations, showed up with increase force and asked: what gaps can we fill?

Celebrating the success of the A3 Collaborative and preparing for the next evolution of CMM

The A3 Collaborative initially launched in the Spring of 2017 and has supported more than 100 health systems and organizations implement CMM operations, scale and spread services, and for some, successfully install financial arrangements to ensure sustainability. Going forward, AIMM and partners will work to redesign the collaborative to address the technical and policy challenges of achieving full scale CMM, particularly in light of the evolving healthcare transformation due to COVID-19.

In Times of Urgency, Innovation Never Fails

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in unprecedented acceleration of new (and waiting) innovations in patient care delivery.  It’s important for health care organizations to learn from the rapid transformations they are making and how it can be applied and sustained in the future. Some factors that have contributed to this rapid adoption in our health…

Developing Partnerships to Support Sustainability of CMM Services

Establishing both internal and external partnerships is critical to sustaining and scaling successful pharmacy medication management services. When there are limited resources, developing partnerships can be an effective strategy for sustainability and scale. AIMM explores insights from A3 Collaborative participating teams, and how their 12-month learning experience helped them establish and develop critical partnerships to advance medication management services.