Executive Director, Todd Sorensen, PharmD, FAPhA, shares the strengths behind what makes AIMM successful, as featured speaker on the Dispensary for Hope Podcast series: Talk to Your Pharmacist. Sharing AIMM’s expertise in convening, consulting and coaching, these three “C’s” are the strengths and opportunities AIMM offers when working with partners, communities and health care organizations.  Focused on its mission to lower healthcare costs and improve patient outcomes for patients by providing access to comprehensive medication management services through an integrated team, Dr. Sorensen shares the strategies AIMM deploys for acceleration in vision change, using effective leadership style to make it happen and measurement implementation to ensure you are meeting your intended outcome.

Additionally, Dr. Sorensen explains how more than 25 health care organizations across the country are participating in the National A3 Collaborative and transform their operations to adopt medication management into their care delivery system. A partnership joining AIMM, its steadfast partner, Apexus and ASHP (American Society of Health-System Pharmacists), the A3 Collaborative offers an action and networking learning experience that guides health care organizations in building systems and services to demonstrate the catalytic power of comprehensive medication management in transforming the care delivery system and making it part of the new value-based payment environment evolving in health care today.

Hear AIMM Insights from Dr. Sorensen’s featured Podcast: Leading Change in Pharmacy Practice.

AIMM will soon be accepting registration for its 2018/2019 National A3 Collaborative. If your organization is interested in learning more and receiving a participation package, contact AIMM at: info@aimmweb.org.