It was just over a year ago when AIMM joined forces with Apexus, the HRSA-designated Prime Vendor for the 340B Drug Pricing Program; and ASHP (American Society of Health-System Pharmacists) to offer the 2017-2018 National A3 Collaborative, a leading-edge learning collaborative offering healthcare providers support to accelerate the implementation of sustainable comprehensive medication management (CMM) services.  This past March marked the end of the 12-month cycle for 22 of the teams in the A3 Collaborative, culminating in a celebration of their advancements and showcasing results from the 12-month learning experience.

Teams shared a broad range of performance outcomes ranging from internal structure and process improvements, to clinical outcomes improvements, to reductions in hospital readmissions. Notable highlights from three teams are:

  • Federally Qualified Health Center and Patient Centered Medical Home in Maine showed: 90-day readmissions were reduced by 59%, and services saved an estimated $1,461,150.
  • Large health system implemented its own Pharmacist-integration diabetes program for health plan (high-risk) beneficiaries demonstrated: Net Return on Investment (ROI) of $486,304 (141%)
  • Midwest health system’s integrated medication management services reflected: Total cost avoided of $870,000 and a ROI of $500 per patient.

The A3 Collaborative is facilitated using AIMM’s signature style, which relies on powerful learning methods where action is immediate and acknowledged with commitments, requests and offers. The focus is not about tackling the barriers, which frequently slows progress and tells one what they “cannot do.”  Instead, teams are encouraged to find innovative approaches and promote a positive team culture that looks for solutions.  This signature style inspires creativity and stakeholder buy-in, since all team members have the opportunity to influence the outcome.

Participating organizations in the A3 Collaborative shared a common vision: to advance comprehensive medication management (CMM) services.  The approach each organization took was unique to their own organizational needs and goals. They participated in monthly virtual pacing events to convene as a network of peers, share learnings and be accountable to meeting milestones related to their own strategic initiative. These monthly events emphasize the “answers are in the room” and lend expertise with one another to problem solve.

One-on-one coaching is provided to each participating organization, with an AIMM coach who guides the team to develop an aim statement for their CMM initiative, and then steers them through milestones throughout the year. During the collaborative cycle, coaches introduce theories around quality improvement processes to ensure CMM initiatives are established or scaled with a focus on sustainability and with a value-proposition to complement new health care reform payment models.

Teams are invited to attend live learning events hosted by AIMM, which take place one to two times a year. This energizing environment celebrates team successes, harvests learnings from the national network of teams and incorporates subject matter experts who share emerging trends in areas like value-based payment programs and building partnerships for scalability.

As AIMM prepares to launch its upcoming 2018/2019 A3 Collaborative, I am pleased to share reactions from our first 12-month cohort:

  • The AIMM Collaborative creates a learning experience that optimizes the potential to learn from other pharmacists and systems who may be on the same path of improvement but at different stages. This sharing of knowledge has been key to my progress and success of this project so far.
  • It provided the structure to measure and track progress of our primary aim, but also a “think tank” of coaches and others facing similar challenges to bounce ideas around.
  • It offered an opportunity to listen to the performance stories of other organizations and allowed exchange of ideas, methods, and implementation fails and successes.
  • Provided very helpful and systematic approach to developing, pitching, and providing CMM services. Access to a network of peers for idea sharing and collaboration
  • [AIMM] coach helped me succeed in detailing my progress and performance story. And to present examples of how to improve- for example working on the performance story.
  • [Our Coach] was constantly challenging me to look at different angles, improve, and not settle.
  • Hearing the performance stories from the other teams! Listening to the challenges they faced, and the unique solutions generated provided our team with a renewed sense of energy to face similar difficult challenges.

It’s not too late to join the next cohort of organizations looking to advance their own CMM initiatives! For more information and to enroll today, click here.







Todd Sorensen, PharmD, FAPhA
Executive Director, AIMM