The Value of Partnership

Community partners participating in a RITZ share a common desire for change in health care delivery recognizing a current absence around medication management. A community of stakeholders will together produce better health, lower costs and better patient and provider experience. The RITZ collaboration will allow partners to share resources and expertise to achieve a common vision, while individually reaching value-based thresholds and outcomes metrics. Ultimately, this work is about producing an overall value for patients, providers, and payers.

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Suboptimal coordinated care systems for populations in crisis is creating tremendous cost to the U.S. healthcare system, both in terms of poor public health and avoidable costs.

AIMM is partnering with organizations that are taking the bold step to lead a “call to action” and convene a broad base of stakeholders in their region to create a new future where optimal medication use and management is driving value in health care.

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Your organization can become or identify a convener. This local RITZ leader is one who is willing to facilitate community engagement and drive change in how health care is coordinated and delivered. This will work together to provide an optimal coordinated care experience for patients in need. For more information on establishing or funding a RITZ in your area, please complete the form below. AIMM will empower and equip you to organize Regional Integrated Transformation Zone (RITZ) in your community to develop integrated medication care coordination for populations in need.