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How conveners lead regional change in healthcare (9/5/2023) - Discover how conveners drive transformative healthcare change at the regional level with AIMM. Learn how stakeholders like payers, providers, and patient advocates unite under a convener's leadership to enhance medication-coordinated care services. Explore real-world examples showcasing AIMM's strategic process and impactful results in healthcare community development.
Who champions regional change in health care? (7/5/2023) - A convener champions local change in health care to include medication management services. Conveners are individuals or organizations with a strong reputation, network of stakeholders and access to resources, including funding.
Optimizing medication management in the U.S. is an effort that must begin locally (5/25/2023) - Misuse of medications cost the U.S. health system billions of dollars in wasteful spending. To reform healthcare and better manage costs, health systems need to make changes locally.
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AIMM Supports Cardinal Health’s OPPM Initiative - Cardinal Health Foundation awarded nearly $1 million in grants to impact the opioid epidemic across five states. The Foundation’s new Optimal Prescribing in Pain Management (OPPM) initiative engages state pharmacy associations and schools of pharmacy in partnerships that will facilitate efforts by pharmacists to collaborate with other healthcare providers and patients to support optimal medication…
A3 Collaborative Shows the Power Of Peer Learning - AIMM's A3 Collaborative shows the power of peer learning. Recently featured in Pharmacy Practice News, the national A3 Collaborative is a yearlong value-based care initiative health care organizations can join. Participating organizations form an implementation team who work to rapidly put in place a working medication management program or to focus on accelerating the scale and spread of one already in place. The initial A3 Collaborative cohort of organizations are sharing initial results and the numbers are impressive.
Executive Director, Todd Sorensen, Shares the Strengths Behind AIMM’s Success - AIMM Executive Director, Todd Sorensen, PharmD, FAPhA shares the strengths behind what makes AIMM successful as featured speaker on the Dispensary for Hope Podcast series: Talk to Your Pharmacist. Sharing AIMM’s expertise in convening, consulting and coaching, these three “C’s” are the strengths and opportunities AIMM offers when working with partners, communities and health care organizations.